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Welcome to COVIE! The webshop to find eco-friendly feel-good-products.
In our shop we have selected the most wholesome products for your home and office. We offer great substitutes for plastic and other harmful products. Whatever conscience buyer you are, we are here to help you to go eco!

Featured Products

Nature gives us incredible resources and we should incorporate the most eco-friendly ones in our day to day lives.

Air-purifying plants that improve your health and well-being? Lamps made out of the roots of mushrooms and agricultural waste and is one of the better alternatives to fossil-fuel based plastics?

We have selected products that are sustainable, healthy, environment-friendly, practical and good looking. You do not have to go through different shops to find the most beautiful feel-good-products, they are right here.

You want to go plastic or paper free? Zero waste? Incorporate more vegan products? We have got the answers for you.

From better single use objects to eco-friendly durable items; if you want to be a more considered buyer you can start today.

Are you missing something in our collection? Scrol down a bit here or go to the contactpage  let us know what you need. We will gladly go out on adventure and find it for you.

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